Success… TOO MUCH of a success!

Well, my first torrent was a success… so much so, in fact, that it bogged down my internet for all my other computers! I could barely play iRO without lagging every ten seconds. It was great! Mind you, I stopped my seeding last night before I started playing, but the load was so heavy on my tracker that there was much bandwidth consumption. Nice. At the time of writing, there have been 265 people who downloaded my torrent. I’m hesitating to release my second one.

I think that I might have to consider getting another DSL line installed if things get this hairy down in Winnipeg. However, since we will be on Cable DSL, the bandwidth should be better, so I might not have to resort to that. Speaking of servers, I might have to think about building a new tower just for my web server. It will be a Linux box, so I won’t need much, just lots of RAM and hard drive space. Maybe I’ll use the remains of my eMachines. It’s a P3-550, so it should be sufficient. Just get myself an 80 GB and 512 MB of RAM. It oughta do.

Hmmmm… it’s the long weekend. I should watch some movies and veg in front of iRO. ^^

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