Sloooooow… the summer is slow everywhere. Everybody is on vacation. Everybody is enjoying. Everybody is wearing less. I am still bored.

Got three days off from work… gotta take some time to move stuff back to my parents’ house. I worked a bit on the scripts for my new web manga. The storyline is getting better, now that the creative juices are flowing more freely. I feel more creative doing stuff this way. It gives me a guideline to follow and I still get to be spontaneous. I’m already plotting out “camera” angles for the manga and such for key events and scenes. Hopefully, this all doesn’t go to waste.

Wanna do more stuff, but I’m too lazy to do it. I wanted to cut up my computer case and throw in a window and some cold cathodes, but… I never get around to it. I’m broke as hell – can’t even afford to rent a movie (but at least I’m eating Subway everyday. :P). Give me a month or so, I should be able to get back on my feet. Bills have to be paid, and I have a limited amount of time to do it in. Yow.

So, there are quite a few attractive girls out there wearing skimpy halters and tops. I’m still a guy – I’m obligated to sneak a quick glance and admire from afar, but I’m not interested in any of these girls. Sure being attracted is nice, but I want somebody that I can stare at for hours and just talk and hang out and be myself. I don’t wanna think about impressing that other person, I just wanna be me. And I want somebody who’s cute – as in a cute personality. So far, I’ve found that Japanese girls seem to have this quality, but I won’t know that until I’m actually there, so…

Well, I’ve finally played Midnight Club II, and my verdict is this: all RockStar Games are doomed to suck forever. The games they make just seem to emanate cheapness at so many levels. First of all, the graphics are so PSone. The gameplay just seem so hackeyed and conglomerated, like they were made for anybody to play. They all only have one theme – and that’s to senselessly break the law in so many different ways. Not only that, but all of their games are morally desensitized. It’s one thing when you take morals and throw them into the garbage with humor, but this is just… disturbing. There’s no rhyme or reason WHY you have to perform such tasks in a game like this. There’s no compelling storyline. As a whole, RockStar is probably the worst game company ever in existence. They are definitely only out to make a buck. Even though Microsoft is ripping everybody off, at least they gave us something useful. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give RockStar Games a -5. Sorry, RockStar, but until you kick it up a notch and deliver games like what Square and EA Games are putting out now, you’re on my black list.

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  1. autographnews says

    What on earth is a web manga?

  2. What on earth is THAT thing?? O_o

    Anyway, to answer your question, a web manga is pretty much the online version of a manga. Manga is Japanese for comic(s), hence, Japanese-style comic. Some popular web manga are MegaTokyo and Okashina Okashi. If you like web comics without a manga influence, many people like Real Life Comics and Penny Arcade.

    If you’ve never read web comics before, I’m sorry. I may have inadvertantly dragged you into a life of staring at web comics for days on end. -_-

  3. autographnews says

    It’s a windsock, but the image is named web_manga25.jpg. There’s this spot on the highway where it feels like the planes landing are inches above your car. There’s a windsock there.

    I love Penny Arcade. I have the mug.

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