I’ve been sitting here for almost half an hour, waiting for my turn at surgery. I was originally nervous, but not right now – must be a combination of hunger and exhaustion (due to a lack of sleep last night). I don’t know when this will be updated, since I’ll be sleeping and resting (and watching the fifth season of Friends DVDs I bought yesterday).

So, I’m hooked up to the IV right now, lying on a bed. It’s cool that the doctor was initiating some small talk about my work. I ended up consulting him about a program he was having trouble with. Hahahaha. Also turns out that he knows Cameron – they worked together at Pim Air before it went down under. It’s so strange, because the doctor commented about Cam being quite the character, and I notice that the doctor himself kinda talks and acts a bit like Cam – that preppy sort of speech and facial expressions, you know? I’m surprised that they allowed me to take my Palm with me. Well, let’s just see if I’ll be able to make anymore updates later. ^_^

Well, I’m back at home. My Palm ran out of batteries. I pretty much put in a 6 hour work shift waiting for my turn. It turned out that I was the last one to go. My mouth is covered and full of blood right now, so I won’t update long. The procedure was easy – I pretty much went in, they gave me the anaesthesia, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the recovery room – my mouth frozen and stuffed with gauss. Really, the only pain I feel right now is the hole where they poked the IV into me. Anyway, it’s relaxation time, so I’m gonna go drink some water and watch Friends.

Current Anime: Gad Guard – Episodes 4 to 6 [A-K]

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