Sweet 18.

I watched 3 episodes of Sweet 18 last night. What is Sweet 18, you ask? Believe it or not, it’s a Korean drama. Yes, I was watching Korean drama, not Japanese! You can blame this on AM and Mom – they are both into Korean drama for some strange reason, even though they are Chinese. There must be something wrong with this family. I want to be Japanese, my mom and aunt want to be Korean, and Eugene wants to be caucasian (and he’s succeeding at it very well).

Oh yeah, before that, AM, Mom, Esmond, and I were playing mahjongg for a couple hours – it’s kind of a habit we’ve been keeping up around this time of year.

Anyway, after watching Sweet 18, I was so tired so I went to sleep. I just got up so I could drive AM and Mom to work. Our stupid restaurant will be the death of us. I’m NOT looking forward to working there on New Year’s Eve.

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