Hahaha, I’ve been on an MMORPG kick lately. Mind you, when playing .hack, it’s not really an MMORPG, it only simulates one, but it’s still cool (although everybody eventually says the same thing like any other RPG).

So, I grabbed my Earth & Beyond from my game collection and I’m burning off Beautiful Life to free up space to install the game. I was gonna buy UO, but there’s no real point since UXO is coming out next year, and FFXI is coming out next month. I was thinking of picking up either EVE Online or Star Wars Galaxies, since I got a chance to see it in action at a friends’ house. It’s funny. SWG at work means Sold When Gone, so it’s funny to call that game SWG! “Whaddaya mean, SWG?? That game just came out last week!” Hehehehe.

No time to do any tablet drawings since the last one. It’s been a baaaaaaad week. I’m taking over as assistant manager at RadioShack, and I had to go fix a computer the other night. Also, this weekend is inventory night, so there’s no chance of being able to get home on time. I guess this Sunday’s meeting at the Kingdom Hall is out of the question too. Hopefully, next week will calm down some. Pfft. Yeah. Calm like a bomb.

Sucking on Halls and smelling like Vaporub before going to bed. Ugh, this cold seems to be improving… in favor of the cold, of course. I just got over the flu, man! Somebody make the sicknesses stop…

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