SWG is DSC!!! >_<

So, my Star Wars Galaxies arrived on Saturday, but the idiots at UPS delivered it to my house instead of the restaurant. Morons! Anyway, I opened the box, and SWG wasn’t even in there! WTF?!?! Ultima Online was there, but without SWG, it just feels so empty. I worked so hard to burn off anime to make hard drive space for it, and I was gonna play it well into the night after getting my tooth pulled. Dammit!!!

FutureShop has severely pissed me off now. Before, it was all friendly competition between FutureShop and RadioShack, but now it’s personal. Just how exactly do you screw up a web order??? I mean, the items are all there on the order! The game was in the shipping list! Whatever happened to checking the list twice, you morons??? I’m about the wreak some hella justice on your asses! Fools!

I suppose I’ll install UO now…

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