Templates. They work.

I don’t know why I never thought of using a template for every post. That way, I can use the LJ style music thingy at the bottom. With the current style placed in CSS, it looks like a snippet or something.

I cannot believe how crazy work is getting. I got nine calls alone today! How ridiculous is that?? To add injury to insult, I’m having a really bad luck streak. I haven’t been able to fix anything this week! All my problem solving thoughts have gone out the window! I’ve found myself resorting to swearing at the PC and physically abusing it. Maybe I’m just not equipped to deal with the stress. I should take a breather and do absolutely nothing this weekend. I haven’t touched Xenosaga in a couple of weeks. James G wants me to go over and do some LANing with the guys this weekend. I swear, that trip I took with James H to the city did not help me with alleviating stress. As much as I enjoyed it, the utter lack of sleep only contributed to my burning out. Yes… I’m burned out. I was sitting in my office and I stared at the monitor for almost an hour after I realized that I couldn’t fix a damn thing today. Not moving, not thinking about anything. Just staring. I snapped out of it when I realized that it was time for lunch.

On another note, Hagiwara is running out of hard drive space. So, I had just enough leftover money to buy a 200 GB hard drive. I know I should be burning my crap off, but the amount of incomplete files is getting bigger and bigger. No thanks to this stupid thing called BitTorrent! I swear, having ready access to tons of J-Media is both a blessing and a curse. I got lots of media collected, but at the same time, I’ve got too much.

I could really use a nap. I need to stay away from the computer, as much as I am loathe to admit it. Even though I get lots of leisurely things done on it, it’s reminding me too much of work.

Current Music: None. I wasted my last few brain cells to make a new template I didn’t even end up using!

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