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Kadena Reon

It’s that time of the year when there are several variety shows that celebrate the best of JPop, movies, or drama. So, I figured, “Why not an awards blog?”

However, this isn’t just any old awards blog. I’ll be blogging about our favorite topic, and probably the main reason why anybody would ever visit my blog – idols! This is the first annual Heihachi Y’s Idol Awards Blog! (lightning and thunder clap)

The awards are all distributed into the following top categories: Gorgeous Face, Hottest Body, Cutest Idol, Sexiest Siren, and Idol of the Year. There are many contestants, but only one will take home the gold (not real gold, but an achievement and recognition that represents weight in gold – not for resale)!

Instead of just posting pictures of the nominees in each category, I’ve prepared videos so I can at least do this with some flair. All the videos are encoded with XviD and MP3, and have a 320×240 resolution to keep the file size down.

Gorgeous Face
Download the nominees video below (9.46 MB).

Hottest Body
Download the nominees video below (10.5 MB).

Cutest Idol
Download the nominees video below (9.98 MB).

Sexiest Siren
Download the nominees video below (9.62 MB).

Idol of the Year
Download the nominees video below (9.91 MB).

Be sure to cast your votes in the polls! Winners will be posted after the New Year!

EDIT: Voting has been closed and the results have been cancelled due to lack of interest (or traffic). The videos, however, are still available to download, as I put a lot of work into them and they are quite nifty.

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