The car battery, you say?

Kadena Reon – Hadaka No Reon

I got in a few orders the last couple of days. The first was Kadena Reon’s Hadaka No Reon shashinshuu. Shinoyama Kishin took the beautiful Reon-chan and photographed a gravure nude in his usual, artful manner.

e-onna – August 2005

e-onna – September 2005

In the same order, I also got two select issues of e-onna, as well as an issue of urecco. e-onna is an interesting zasshi that features several gravure and bikini models, as well as AV models with nude pictures hidden in specially folded paper that requires taking apart the magazine, starting with the staples (which I have no desire to do). Just by slightly bending the pages open, you can see all the photos inside without damaging the zasshi.

urecco – July 2005

I honestly don’t like the way they design the latest urecco covers now, placing the featured model on the back cover instead of the front. Despite that, the pictorials inside remain top-notch with the beautiful hair nudes and amusing Engrish.

Hitoto You – Hito Omoi Special Edition
J-Pop CD

Today, I got in my order from Amazon, which included the volume 2 of GIRLS BRAVO and Hitoto You’s Hito Omoi Special Edition. Yes, that’s right! I got in the rare version of Hito Omoi, which I am so happy to have found. I mentioned this before in an earlier blog entry, but this special edition is OOP, but Amazon apparently carried it. I ordered it last month, crossing my fingers, and as usual, they delivered as promised! Good job, Amazon! Unfortunately, by offering you the link, I get no commission because only the American site offers it.

sabra – January 26, 2006

The other order I got in was the latest sabra. I subscribe to this magazine on a bi-weekly basis, but by the time I receive it, it’s usually almost two weeks behind, but I don’t mind. The latest issue is special – there are two covers. One on the front and another on the back (which usually has an ad). Several girls are always a delight.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve resolved to scanning in my printed goods, as opposed to setting up the digicam and overhead lighting. I actually cheat a bit with the lighting there – I hold up a fluorescent tube light to provide ample lighting. Someday, when I upgrade to digital SLR, I’ll be getting a backdrop with proper lights and discs.

I finally got my car back today… CT said it was the car battery, rather than something else connecting to the starter like I had originally thought. Anyway, a new battery apparently did the trick, as the car started right away. I’ll listen for any other weird sounds from the starter, but I earnestly hope this does the trick. The battery comes with a 5-year warranty, so that rocks. Next fix – my clutch/flywheel.


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  1. Question – if they offerred these magazines in high quality PDF or E-Book format – would you buy them that way or you LOVE paper?

  2. I would probably say yes and no. A lot of the magazines coming out now have DVDs included with exclusive photoshoot making-of featurettes, as well as previews of upcoming idol DVDs and photobooks. A lot of the other magazines often come with extra goodies besides DVDs, like artbooks, clear files, posters, and mini photobooks. One of my anime magazines, Megami, even came with a conception sketchbook once!! In some ways, it’s not that I love paper, it’s that Japan loves to include bonuses for buying their printed materials. Photobooks are a different story – their pages are glossy, and the print is much clearer than what you would get digitally. Plus, there’s something about filling up your shelves with something tangible that you can look at and be proud of. I’ve seen people with collections that cover an entire wall twice the size of my room! Also, for whatever reason, I haven’t seen an influx of online magazines available. There have been exclusive online photoshoots available, JPEG by JPEG, but they are few and far between. Even if you visit a magazine’s website, they usually just reproduce what’s already on paper, but limited to a certain amount, and some websites even require that you have a valid Japan address and a subscription number. All my subscriptions are done through a third party company who just reserves each issue rather than subscribe to the actual publisher on my behalf. So, to sum up, I suppose I love paper for now, as long as they keep the bonuses coming.

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