The Change Of My Life

Last night completely changed everything about my life, my plans, and my dreams. Dreams gave way to a hope long forgotten and discarded, and it looks as though I will be leaving everything I know now – friends, family, and even my way of living. Japan is still within my future, but how much of it occupies my future, I am uncertain. For the first time in my life, I am overwhelmed with the sudden changes I will be making. No more dreary existence in a place that views me as a minority. Still, leaving behind a load of luxuries that I’m sure I’ve taken for granted will take a while to adapt to. Heck, getting a BAD burger at McDonald’s will be a challenge! Hahahaha. Mind you, this won’t take place right away. I won’t even tell anybody where I’m going or why. I’ve learned my lesson – tell the world your plans, and the world will move in favor of the opposite results. Damn Murphy’s Law. Just know that I’ll be gone in due time. In a way, though, I’ll still be here, in the Wired, on the Net, on LiveJournal, on my website.

Yeah, and on Earth.

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