The Desk… of Death!!

So, I put the desk together last night with Dad’s help. That was actually the easy part, believe it or not. The hardest part was moving everything out of the bedroom to make space for the new workbench… then putting it all back together again. Obviously, I’ve been working at RadioShack for too long, because I actually made it presentable and hid all the cables behind my speakers. I’m such a g33k.

Dennis’ imbecilic antics strike again! Today, we swapped names on MSN to one-up each other. Then we got Lee, which would’ve been funnier if he were actually here. After that, Dennis grabbed this really annoying toddler toy called I.Q. Bot (go to almost any RadioShack and turn it on – you’ll see what I mean) and Chad tried to stop him from playing with it. Dennis then proceeded to feed the stupid toy’s voice and music through the security intercoms throughout the store. I actually work with that bozo? Oh yeah, and apparently, those two went and stole Lee’s mailbox last night or the night before. I think I’m back in high school all over again.

Started working on Chapter 1 of my novel. It’s starting out pretty good so far. Boring, but good. It still needs a bit more work, though. But, at least I cleared my quota by more than a page – I did at least two pages today, I think. I dunno. What actually constitutes a page?

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  1. -_- ASDFGHJKL!! I can’t type today. This is the SECOND time I’ve done that in the time of 1/2 hour? What I meant to say was… “You’re a writer and an artist?? How cool is that?” I need more sleep.

  2. Yah!! That’s totally cool!!! ^___^ I’m just a writer. . and not a very good one at that. Keep up the writing. . it’s lots of fun!!

  3. Hahaha, sleep is good. You didn’t know that I wrote? That’s strange, because I’ve been writing forever. Also, I can’t really call myself an artist… more like an aspiring artist. My art is not as good as I want it to be, so I don’t consider myself an artist until I reach that goal. Kind of strange, isn’t it?

  4. I think writing is easier than drawing… it’s like trying to tell a ghost story. You’re trying to scare somebody with it, so naturally, you go with the flow and use your imagination. Then there’s other genres out there, like romance, comedy, action – each of them require you to evoke a different emotion. Art is different… it requires more finesse and technique. In school, we’re taught English, and we’re always writing writing writing. That’s kinda boring, actually. Hahahaha. But, anyway, I’m sure art would be easier than writing if we had to draw our assignments. That would be so cool!

    “Do an art essay of the minor plots for Hamlet.”
    “Draw some algebraic expressions attacking each other in a trigonometric field.”
    “Draw these physics equations in love with each other.”

    School would be like Pictionary! ^_^

  5. littlefreeze says

    Yes!! I would so fail Pictionary school!!! >__

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