The First Day and the Second Day.

My first two days at work rocked. I picked up a lot during these times. I figured out how to approach the customer, how to make a sale, how to work the till, and how to do other numerous stuff – all while being myself. It’s like I was born for this job. It may be sad, but I like it. If only I could quit the restaurant and just work full-time here. Hehehe.

On my first day, Tuesday, I ran into Shari (the ex-girlfriend) during my lunch break. We talked for the longest time since… well… since we were dating. Which is a looooong time ago. We agreed to have coffee sometime to catch up on times. I admit that seeing her again brought back feelings of nostalgia… and guilt. Damn, I rode her hard with my requirements of commitment. If I were a little less suffocating, maybe we would still be together and I wouldn’t be so sexually confused. Anyway, I hope I’ll be able to clear that up with her and apologize for being a dick about it. Otherwise, I think I was a faithful and good boyfriend to her.

Miya. I gave Miyake a self-proclaimed nickname. I think it’s cute and suits him well. Hahahaha.

He pointed out to me that I was rather good with quips. It surprised me, since in real life, I’m much better at slowps. It takes me forever to come up with a good comeback or wit to an otherwise easy setup, but when I’m in front of the monitor with nobody staring at me, it just comes naturally. Am I THAT sociophobic? Is sociophobic even a word? Am I actually pondering such a trivial issue?

Save Karyn – a neat website about a rather… unique… girl. I think that whoever you are, after reading her journal entries of sorts, you’ll come to grow attached to her daily insights on magazines, bed sheets, stolen apples, and Brita water. And if you have a dollar to spare, donate it to her. I know I will. ^_^

Ayu-mi-yake’s Thingy – Moogie is my new nickname. Which is funny, because it’s pretty close to those cute lil’ Moogles from the Final Fantasy game series.

Off to bed I go. Another fun-filled day of work tomorrow.

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  1. GO YOU and your new JOB!! :D Good to see someone ’round here has one they actually LIKE! X_x Mine jus’ pays my bills . . . other than that, no attachment to it.

    As far as Shari . . . I don’ know her, but from what I’m able to ascertain you cared much for her (and still do). But as a member of the “sexually diversified” community, I will immediately assure you that your sexual “confusion” as you say does NOT stem from this relationship. No woman (or man) can drive another into an entirely different sexual orientation, NO ONE. It’s much deeper than that . . . somethin’ determined only by he/she that embodies orientation (since, in my judgement, it is not a choice).

    I guess we both have new nicks now, heh ^_^ But only YOU can call me “Miya”, I’ll dismember anyone else who does ~_~

    Your wit is still quick, whether or not you may be able to verbally display it in a typical social encounter ^_~ YOU BIG SOCIOPHOBE!! Keh keh keh!~ >D

    Karyn is somethin’ else alright! ^_^ Her entries are so . . . UNIQUE! We’ve discussed it, but it never seems to dull! :D I anticipate her next entry! She should make one in engrish, that would 0WN me! >D

    Damn, you left t’night b’fore I got outta the shower ;_; Well, hope to talk to ya t’morrow Moogie! Take care and whore yourself as best you can whore at work!! >D


  2. those are the cutest goddamn things on the face of the earth! i wanna a Moogle doll! *stomps foot* btw the nick suits you! *s*

  3. Hahaha, just pays the bills? Yeah, I guess I signed up for the job for that reason. But, it became apparent to me that I actually like the job. It’s only been 3 days, and I’m enjoying it! It’s the same kind of sales as the restaurant, only it’s different. It’s the same kind of computer work, yet it’s not. Everything is familiar, yet different. How can I explain it? Things are coming to me a bit differently, but I’m adjusting quite well. Oh, yeah. I’ll probably get bored later on down the line, but at least the commission is a good enough incentive to stay longer. It’ll also help me save up for the Japan trip. OH YEAH!!

    Yeah, I cared a lot for Shari… although I think that we had sex a bit too often and I spoiled her with gifts a bit too much. Well, I have to agree that any kind of choice you make that invokes a drastic change in your life is your own. Others may influence the decision, but it’s all entirely up to you.

    Yeah, new nicks for my… umm… nick. Ah, geez, this can get complicated. Hahaha!

    I dunno… it’s like I’m brain enhanced when I’m online, and when I’m in social situations, my brain loses functionality. My mind has a mind of its own (O_o???). Anyhow, that’s slowly changing. I’m becoming a lot better with social encounters. Not witty yet, but getting to the point where I’m not the silent person in a conversation of three. Unless I feel awkward again.

    Engrish Karyn entry!! w00t, b4by!

    Well, I had to leave or else I wouldn’t have gotten to sleep. I need lots of beauty sleep to offer my manwhore services each and every day. Hahahaha!

  4. Hahaha, the nick suits me? I’m not that cute and cuddly in real life! In fact, I think I mostly resemble a drowned fish.


    Does that make me your pimp?? o.O!?


  6. Don’t make me wear the stockings and spiked heels again! O_.

  7. now THAT’S S&M!!! O_O;


  8. *L* no you dont. thats just like me saying that i resemble staypuff or the michillan man. *L* nah your nick suits

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