The first official RadioShack List! WAHAHAHAHA!!!

You Know You’ve Been Working At RadioShack Too Long When…
By: MugenHAN

(01) The numbers 251, 431, and 131 mean something to you.
(02) You dislike red or yellow price tags.
(03) You’ve gotten proficient at climbing a ladder and piles of boxes at high speeds.
(04) You can power-lift a television to a position far above your own height.
(05) You’re rather talented at properly packing things back into their boxes.
(06) You constantly tell your fellow co-workers that they’re fired – all in good fun, of course.
(07) You’re the manager when you perform #6.
(08) Operating the POS is a permanent part of your computer skills.
(09) You develop a habit of playing several movies and several CD’s simultaneously.
(10) Acronyms like EWP, Code V, and ICST are a part of your vocabulary.
(11) Most of your personal DVDs and CDs are used for demos in your products.
(12) You’re very good at displaying boxes and products.
(13) You’ve memorized your merchant number for approving RadioShack cards.
(14) Your idea of renovating involves slat wall and glass display cases.
(15) You professionally refer to your home computer as your “kiosk”.
(16) You constantly bash Wal-Mart and FutureShop for their lack of product knowledge and warranty plans.
(17) You have tons of RadioShack receipts and packaging in your house.
(18) Greeting anybody who comes into your vicinity within 15 seconds has become a pre-requisite for gaining their trust.
(19) You always seem to find yourself E-learning delinquent.
(20) When you answer the phone anywhere, you always reflexively say, “Good afternoon, RadioShack, your answer store, this is <your name> speaking.”

Sorry, but this is all SOOOOOOOOOOO true!!! ^_^

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  1. A lot of it is true for Wal-Mart too. It’s crazy how all customers service is really just the same thing.

  2. I was just about to say what she said. I hate the POS system at Wal-mart. You order something and then you find out that POS already orded twice as much, so now you’re stuck with all these boxes of Scott’s Toilet Tissue hoping that a reservation will come in and clean out the shelf. So the department managers and me are always trying to boost the max shelf so that POS will kick in sooner than later.

    *laughs*…we always bash radio shack because we tell our customers we have the same product at half the price. *sticks my tongue out*

  3. Hahaha. No kidding!

  4. Since the RadioShack I work in is a corporate store, our POS doesn’t let us order anything unless we pull it from other stores. So, no problem there.

    Technically, RadioShack and Wal-Mart can never compete with each other because they’re totally different stores. Despite what most people say, Wal-Mart is a discount store according to business standards, not a department store. As a result, the only stores you can compete with are $1 store plus and Bargain Shop. Sorry. :P

  5. littlefreeze says

    We still have to compete with everything because customers don’t know that!! ^__^ Like our small appliance sales (mainly microwaves and dorm fridges are being effected) because a Best Buy opened earlier this year. Sucks. .

  6. I know, I was only trying to get a rise out of her. XD

  7. littlefreeze says

    Okay. . I was just making sure that you hadn’t fooled yourself THAT much.

  8. What? You mean it’s not true????????? :P

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