The Move and The Cure

The Move
Well, Megan finally got a chance to sign the forms and she’s officially moving in! But, not right away, though. She struck a deal with her parents (a slim shady deal) to move in after Christmas. I’m so excited!

The Cure
While shopping for last-minute Christmas gift additions at Wally World, I came across the newest album of The Cure – another greatest hits compilation …with two new tracks! Holy Crow, Brandon Lee! Anyway, I didn’t have the cash for it, so I’ll have to wait. I absolutely love The Cure, and they’re one of the only few English bands I’ll listen to. I even have all their albums (save for the rare Sideshow).

J-Pop Insight
If anybody has ever seen Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi, then you’ll immediately know how cute and adorable this song is! Try singing along and you’ll find it quite a tongue pleaser (or tongue twister, depending on your Japanese pronounciation). I absolutely love this song and the series, and I own the DVD collection, including the Special. Kurumi-san wa kawaii desu!

Additional Resources

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