The RIAA Sucks!!!!

They are shutting down all our favorite P2P applications like Audiogalaxy, and they have already been successful with Napster and Morpheus. Help to boycott RIAA by not buying any of their CDs for the month of August when they go to court with Audiogalaxy. You can view a list of which labels are under the RIAA here. Help to bring down the RIAA and allow everybody to enjoy free music and not be controlled by those who wish to suppress us. Not everybody wants to be forced to listen to the crap that the RIAA practically shoves down our throats like Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys. I, myself, love listening to J-Pop and C-Pop, and even though the availability is low, I still buy them from overseas, despite their high cost to import. However, I don’t buy the CDs I wouldn’t like and the CDs that I would like thanks to downloading the MP3’s to figure out which CD’s would be my cup of tea. Nobody wants to waste money, and J-Pop is no exception – especially since $55 CDN per CD is on the line!!!

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten my frustrations out, I’m here to announce that I may not be online to update my LJ or website for a while, at least until I get myself out of considerable debt. The only way I can curb my spending is to stop using the internet. I’ve bought way too many J-Pop CD’s, way too many JGirls stuff, and definitely way too much eBay crap. I need to buy new CD-RW and DVD drives and a new monitor. I want to be able to afford case mods. I need to afford violin lessons. I also need more time. I’ve filled up my 60 GB hard drive to the brim with videos, MP3z, etc., and I need to backup everything to CD. I also need to redo my entire system. I haven’t done a full repartition and reinstall since I did a dirty install to replace my system from my previous computer. So, I’m going to take that time to do it all. It’s time to do things. It’s time to stop wasting my life and convince myself that it’s over and too late to do what I want. I’m learning violin, aren’t I? I’ve got my drawing tools now, so I can draw properly, right? I have the computer I’ve always dreamed of, and I bought it myself, didn’t I? I have a good enough collection of music, don’t I? It’s time to pause for a bit and get only what I need. So, I won’t be able to get all of Ayumi’s older single CD’s. No big deal, I’ll just get whatever I can. I’ll stop buying for a month and restrict myself to buying only two CDs per month after that. I’ll try to get a day job. The more money I have, the faster I can pay off my debt and have more options available. My plan is to buy a car once my line of credit is paid off. Then, I’ll pay off that debt. After that… who knows? Maybe I’ll decide to leave town, and maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll like it where I am because the money is good and importing stuff is all I do anyway. Maybe I’ll start a club or a business selling this stuff? Hehehe. That’d be nice, if I have more time and if the market is enough to keep me in business. If I’m gonna hold down two jobs, be able to take violin lessons, and still have enough time left in the week to practice drawing, write my anime series, and keep my website and this LJ updated, I’d better not try to make myself do more than that. Hell, I don’t think I’ll even have enough time to do anymore gaming, so maybe I’ll cut back on gaming. I invested too much money into a hobby that is a pastime. I only play SSX Tricky anyway. How sad, huh? I guess I collect that stuff purely to own them. Everything looks good, especially when it’s not being used, I guess. Anyway, enough of this. It’s time to get to work.

I don’t know when I’ll be updating next. I’ll probably cancel my internet and cut my expenses back quite considerably. If anything major happens and I’m free and it’s the weekend, I’ll probably update then. Until then, everybody. じゃね!

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  1. rivendarkangel says

    When I respect an artist I buy their music. I contribute freely. I downloaded Satriani’s entire new album this weekend, but I’m still buying it. Why? Because I respect the music greatly. The RIAA has no good right to kill the flow of respect. To respect I have to listen without being forced by media to.

    It’s good to take a break from things like that. It’ll get you back on track quite quickly. Do well for yourself, bro, you’ve done a lot for your family lately, and you’ve achieved more than you think. Live.

  2. Back on track? Ha! Not quite, but whatever. My intentions were good, but idle.

    Hope you’re still having fun in Windsor!!! (but not THAT much fun – get a job too!!)

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