The Scribe – Part 2

Well, he’s officially moved in, as of Sunday. It was his first night at the house, and I find that he’s a much better roommate than James-see. James-see needs some motivation and some manners, but is otherwise a friendly guy. A little bit on the mooching side, but that comes with the manners.

Anyway, I find Eric to be… responsible. He talks about doing something and he actually does it. This morning, he woke up at a reasonable time, got dressed, and left to run some errands, which included getting the rest of the rent to me. James-see talked about getting the windows all sealed for the winter, but that was two weeks ago. Kami-sama, he’s lazy as hell!!! Ho lan ah!!!

Now that Eric is living with us, maybe we can put our efforts together to make James a better roommate. Screw the person part, you can’t change that, but at least we can teach him to be more considerate to people around him. I swear, I cleaned the mess in the kitchen a week ago, and the mess magically came back in the course of two days!! Well, I should’ve known that James-see would be lazy as soon as I moved back in. Speaking of which, I gotta move the rest of my stuff into my room from my parents’ place. I don’t even have clothes hangers, so all my clothes are in a pile beside my desk. A neat pile, mind you, but… O_o

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