The Source by Circuit City.

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Takizawa Nonami

Last night, I was running errands and my friend, Mindy, was downtown. Since I had to give a DVD to her, I met her at Wal-Mart and dropped it off to her. While I was downtown, I decided to go to The Source by Circuit City to visit the guys there. Only Lee and Lance were working the Friday night shift, which was cool. I ran into a lot of my old customers there, and in particular, a lady named Shamila who works at the government. Her husband and child were with her (but her husband is very annoying), and they were window shopping for a laptop. I had actually recommended them to buy a laptop there a couple months ago, but I guess they were still indecisive. I quickly perused the available laptops and ended up “selling” them the mid-range Acer model. As a result, Lee got the sale, included add-ons, and even got them on the Power Card (is it still called that?). We were laughing about it all evening long. I guess the sales touch is still within me!

Today, I stopped by the store and ended up doing work AGAIN. I set up a wireless network for them in the store, which was long overdue, as I had plans to do it when I was working there before. Lee had suggested that I work for them during the Christmas season, since they have late Christmas hours. Hmmm… sounds tempting.

Nothing special, but I went and changed every single one of my passwords to more secure passwords. Not really paranoid, but I figure that it was time for a change, since I was getting tired of the old ones.

Current Music: Tommy february6 – je t’aime je t’aime

Kawase Tomoko’s side-project from the brilliant green is very catchy ’80’s style J-Pop. I dug this up now that her alternate-persona side-side-project of Tommy heavenly6 released a new album. I’m more of a pop person than a rock/punk person, and these old songs are no exception!

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  1. hey bud. I asked you to come work for u s.. and I asked u to hook up the router lol… slowly bit by bit its becoming my store he he he he he he .. and after that I TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

  2. A world ruled by Heavy D… that would mean hot naked chicks everywhere!!!

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