The Tooth Hurts.

A few teeth are hurting, actually. And when one stops hurting, there’s another to take its place. I can’t wait until all my teeth are fixed. One way or another, my teeth will be all fixed by next year.

It’s been an exhausting day so far. Sold another computer, but since Dennis isn’t working today, it’s almost been quiet.

Tried to write some more of my novel, but I was only able to accomplish one sentence. I edited a bit of what I had so far, but I guess this had to happen sooner or later – my first case of writer’s block since I started writing again.. Too bad it had to happen so early in my “career”. Hahahaha.

I’m so tired. I’m just going straight to bed. Teeth aching combined with the weight of today’s stresses and lack of sleep last night must have drained me. I should’ve had a nap at the restaurant earlier…

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