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I got even more stuff this week. First off, ordered the 2nd version of the Takase Mizuki bikini figure (from COMIC PARTY), the Toujou Aya figure (from Ichigo 100%), and the Kinoshita Takako figure (from Pia CARROT He Youkoso!! 3). At the local hobby store, I bought a few manga – Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge #1, Akuma De Sourou #1, and Genshiken #2. I pre-ordered the new Hamasaki Ayumi single and the new Arai Akino greatest hits album. Once my Visa clears, I plan to pre-order the new albums of Shibasaki Kou, Hitoto You, Ootsuka Ai, and yozuca. I also want to pick up the new Amano Tsukiko album that was released two months ago… I really like it. I also found out that the Nana manga has been licensed by Viz. I’m currently reading Akuma De Sourou #1, which was licensed by CMX. So far, I’m not liking CMX at all. They changed the title of the manga to The Devil Does Exist without any mention of the original title except in the author’s liner notes. In addition, there are no cultural notes, no appendix, and they tried to remove as much of the Japanese sound effects as possible – all of which TokyoPop and Del Rey don’t do!! If CMX wishes to continue releasing manga this way, I’ll be starting petitions against this kind of translation – it’s pure butchering! I’m tempted to find some old scanslations to see how badly they changed everything.

So, it was a slow day at Nexi all week. That’s all for that.

We had our Christmas staff party for TS this weekend. The dinner was alright, but the bowling and the gathering afterwards wasn’t really to my liking. I never realized it, but I’m still so anti-social, even after all this exposure to society from work over the years. I can’t let myself relax, can’t let myself enjoy too much, lest people try to get me to go out again. Even friends that greet me usually ask, “So, where have you been hiding yourself?” I’m almost like Sunako-chan and her obsession with darkness and solitude (but not slasher movies and forensic studies). ^^;

Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama
Anime Episodes #9 to 12

He’s whipped.

Sad Izumi Under Sunset.


Ultimate panty shot!

Well, that concludes Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama. My final thoughts? Very good, but it got a bit too serious near the end. That didn’t necessarily mean it was bad, but non-stop ecchi slapstick is what this series is all about, and if they decide to make a sequel (which seems to be the norm these days), I’ll gladly welcome it with open arms.

Shakugan No SHANA
Anime Episode #1

Kawaii onna no ko.

Plenty of mouths of feed.

She’s scary… but I like it.

No blood!

This is an interesting anime – the protagonist is already dead! There’s a lot of weirdness in this one. I mean, if you’re dead, why are you still walking around and stuff? Torch stuff aside, it’s just not possible! Anyway, I’m not into occult stuff, but I started watching this because: (a) the character designs are cute; (b) the OP theme rocks; and (c) the name caught my eye. At first listen, I thought it was KOTOKO singing the OP theme, but it turns out that her clone, Kawada Mami is the culprit! Sorry, not clone… but they both sound very similar.

To Heart 2
Anime Episode #1

Let’s walk home together… in a non-romantic way!

Let’s eat dinner… in a non-romantic way!

Let’s watch a scary movie… in a non-romantic way!

Let’s sleep together… in a non-romantic way?!

Well, it’s off to a non-romantic start with To Heart 2, which pretty much follows what its predecessor did. The only thing I find wrong with this sequel is that it doesn’t follow it to a T. Okay, new characters – fine with me. The one thing I enjoyed the most about To Heart was that it paid attention to detail, even the little things like cleanup duty after school. Small, down-to-earth things get accomplished in each episode, and it made you feel all warm inside. It was also a form of education for those who didn’t get the chance to grow up in a Japanese educational setting – you get to see all the differences from your own educational system. To Heart 2 does none of this so far – but it does show how close these two friends are – in a non-romantic way. I see this series going nowhere, but I’ve been proven wrong before. Please, AQUAPLUS, prove me wrong again (so that I can fall in love with the characters in time to pre-order the PVC/resin figures, which are oh-so-pretty)!

Hana Yori Dango
Drama Episode #2

Still cute when she’s angry.

Mahjongg!! >_<

Two cuties in one room. I thought this was based on a shoujo manga?

The second episode is just as good as the first. Tsukasa is getting insane jealous all the way until the end of the episode. The best part happens right at the end, but I won’t say or spoil it for others. All I can say is, I can’t wait for Episode 3 (not Backstroke of the West)!!!

Current Music: Tommy february6 – daNCin’ bABY

Probably my most favorite song on the Tommy airline album. I love Tommy!!!

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  1. I have Akuma De Sourou scanlations, but I store them on Gmail which means, small zip packaging in many many emails… *sweats* Just let me know if you’re interested. I read through the whole series, but in the end, I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. You may think differently.

    I flipped back a couple of entries of yours, and saw Ragnarok Offline, or something??? Is that anything like Ragnarok Online? I was addicted to RO for sometime, but this game looks cuter. ^^;

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