Tic Tac Toe!!!

Just finished playing 30 rounds of Tic Tac Toe with Minky-chan. The final score was tied at 11-11. Hehehe…

I slept in real well yesterday morning. Didn’t get to work early enough so I could play with my laptop. Gosh, that sucks…

What a weird day. Did red tags all day at work. The guys dragged me to Bankside after that. On the way home, Dennis and Chad dragged me to take pictures of them humping a snow sculpture of a polar bear on my hairdresser’s front lawn. Gosh, how embarrassing!! Dennis even pulled his pants down for his picture. My workmates are crazy!! If either Arron or Carli came out when they were there, I would’ve died of embarrassment! X_x

Another long day tomorrow. I hope that it gets slower so that I can get my laptop ready with Linux and WinXP sometime this week.

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