Time Change.

Ouch. Because of the time change yesterday, my entire day got messed up. As soon as I woke up, I had already overshot my schedule, so I couldn’t work on the new manga. Consequencially, I spent the latter part of my day making the next page of JGirlz and a new Omake. Check it out in the JGirlz page.

I just got my Utada Hikaru CDs in the mail. I got the Traveling CD, Traveling DVD, and the all-new Hikari CD, which is both the theme song to SquareSoft and Disney’s first RPG, Kingdom Hearts, and one of the most popular songs in Japan right now. So far, I like it. Once again, a nice change in Utada-san’s musical style.

I finally installed Mandrake 8.1 on my machine last night. I played around with it for a bit – not bad at all. Everything sets up for you automatically. I like the new sophisticated startup. Less information, all GUI. It’s nice, and I can drop back to the console anytime too. Thank Linus for Linux.

Well, since I lost sleep yesterday, I caught up last night at a price. I lost most of today too. I just got back from lunch, and I decided to type up the rant for today, as well as finish up the Omake. Anyway, it’s a short work day today, so maybe I can get some drawing in after all. I hope. Until then. Ja ne!

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