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Nakane Kasumi

I may have some excess cash in my Visa, but it doesn’t mean I’ll go squandering it all. Sure it does. I’m stuck trying to figure out what shashinshuu I’ll get next. I’m definitely picking up the 3 COLORS mook by sabra, but I’m torn between a few other shashinshuu. Oikawa Nao released her supposed last photobook, so I’ll definitely want that. Newcomer, Oda Arisa, has three shashinshuu available, playing the giri giri hadaka card on all of them. I never knew of the enticing things that body paint can do!!

I read the most funniest thing the other day. I was just made by the Presbyterian Church. This is why Chinese people should never try to translate English when they don’t know proper English!!

The spare tire that was included with my car doesn’t fit. So, I called up Erin on Thursday, and she looked up a rim for me, ordered it, and had it in on Saturday, since she works at a local towing company. That was FAST! I bought a matching tire from Canadian Tire, and she put everything together for me. What a wonderful girl, I tell ya. If she didn’t marry James G, I would have made her mine a long time ago. Hehehe, tragic love life, I know. ^_^

My aircon stopped working last Thursday, so I brought it to a shop to look at it yesterday morning. He found out that the belt was MISSING. WTF! After work, I bought a new belt, new spark plugs, and some tabs for the flap that’s dropping against my front passenger-side tire. My dad and I installed the new belt (3 pulley system??? WTF mate!), the new spark plugs, and the tabs. According to the MPIC fuckers, it would have cost over $2700 to repair my car. So far, with the resources, connections, and help that I have, this is not so. I plan to repair everything myself without MPIC’s help. When it’s done, I plan to go there, show them what I did, show them how much I spent, and tell them to fuck off and go to hell for lying to me.

I went on an anime OP/ED downloading spree yesterday after finding an awesome website. Now I can make an anime compilation CD too! Yay!

Current Music: Amuro Namie – WANT ME, WANT ME

I like this song – it’s got a catchy Arabian/Indian sound to it while still being hip-pop.

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