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I changed a lot yesterday. I wanted to ask out this girl for the longest time, but I was always afraid to, due to my rather bad experience in the past. Nevertheless, I spoke my feelings aloud for once, and it changed me for the better. Hopefully, I won’t have any trouble saying what’s on my mind in the future. However, I learned another lesson today – don’t date caucasian girls. No, I think I’d better stick to Chinese or Japanese girls.

Work was slow today. It got busy at the start, and then dad got called in to work, so we couldn’t deliver. The rest of the night was spent watching more Chinese movies. I saw Summer Holiday, another excellent Sammi movie, and Blind Romance with Leung Chiu Wai, which is probably one of the best romances I’ve seen (well, one with a good ending). It’s somewhat old, but still great. After that, I played some SSX Tricky – got Kaori through the Elysium Alps race. My dad’s cousin sister is coming to Thompson to visit. She’s in Toronto right now, but we’re going down to Winnipeg to pick her up next week on Saturday.

Today, I went to the restaurant early to help with a catering order. Once that was done, I played more SSX Tricky – finished the Elysium Alps race with Elise and the Mesablanca showoff with Zoe. Went to Subway, got lunch (yum!). Watched a bit of the Hagiwara Mai Platonic Love DVD – she’s so cute! Wearing a fluffy pink bunny suit. Hahaha! I especially liked the photo shoot for the Love & Peach photobook – a crewman was scaring her with a worm hanging on a stick! She screamed each time it got near… hahaha! Mean, but funny!

I spent the rest of my afternoon browsing Invader Zim sites. Invader Zim rocks!

Hey, don’t be afraid to comment on my RantFicts. I like to see what people think of my stuff.

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