Toonie Tuesday

So, work was exhausting today. Not because there was a lot to do – far from it. It was because I was exhausted! It seemed that I didn’t get enough sleep the other night when I clearly slept the same amount of time that I usually did. My body is strange.

Although the day did drag on, I did get some work done on the phone wall. Not a lot, but it’s a start. Now, all I have to do tomorrow is get the other three phone walls done.

When I got home, I decided to have some leftovers. Eugene was still packing in the basement. I heated up the rest of my pasta and a slice of Super Supreme from Pizza Hut. Watched some episodes of Season 4 Friends. While I was doing the dishes, Eugene finally took off for Winnipeg. I took that opportunity to take a shower, and get started on Hash’s computer. I started burning Hand Maid May while checking over Hash’s original install, and then proceeded to wipe that install from the face of the planet. I installed XP Pro, and did a full format of his drive. While that installed, I continued burning the other episodes off while simultaneously playing that new Ape Escape 2 that I got. It’s a fun game, although it’s a little too easy to catch the monkeys as compared to the first one. Anyway, I scooped myself some ice cream, finished burning off the rest of the series, and decided to watch Original Sin, since I haven’t done so yet. It was a good movie – I was all choked up by the end. I know Angelina Jolie said that it wasn’t a love story in the narrations, but it still felt like a good love story near the end – a bit tragic, though. I won’t spoil the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, though.

After the movie, I finished up Hash’s XP installation, then I installed Easy CD Creator. Time for bed!

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