Tracker Offroad Fury

Yesterday and today were crazy days at RadioShack. Yesterday, I moved the entire computer accessory wall to the new gondola in the rear of the store. Today, I moved two entire boxes of overstocked flashlights and accessories to the old computer accessory wall. I had leftover room to make a new printing paper wall and a small two columns for those stupid disco Star Wars mousepads. I also resorted the entire surge bar wall and the new computer accessory gondola. I even had time leftover to resort the USB t-section of the computer gondola.

The new guy, Chad, is cool. He’s the only guy I’ve known in RadioShack to actually turn on my J-Pop on the stereo – and turn it on loud. When Dennis turned it down as usual, Chad even turned it back up. Good job, Chad! ^_^

After work, Dennis drove us all home… in a way. He dropped Lee off at home and took Chad and I offroading on the outskirts of town. Sometimes, I think that Dennis is one of those guys who grew up physically, but not mentally. He’s like a 6 foot tall, 10 year old boy who loves to sexually degrade women every chance he can get. What a character.

I’ve been playing .hack//INFECTION like crazy the past few days! I just bought the third game yesterday, so I’m itching to get past the first and second one, because the fourth one is due this December! Also, Tiger Woods 2004 is out at the end of this month! What to do, what to do…? ^_~

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  1. ryoji_kaji007 says

    I knew a guy who used to offroad he kinda scared me once or twice. He has a car now and has to drive on the road heh.

  2. No, you don’t understand, we were in a Tracker, an honest-to-goodness non-offroad vehicle!!! >_

  3. Oh yeah, and it certainly wasn’t a virgin run. He apparently has done this many many times. It would explain why he killed his entire engine three weeks ago.

  4. ryoji_kaji007 says

    Ouch! What a guy. What a way to treat a vechicle.

  5. Apparently, he bought the Tracker for exactly THAT reason – to offroad. I have to admit, it was kinda fun if you’re still a teenager, but I never experienced “rides” like these before, so it was cool. I wouldn’t do it again, though. I’m too old for this sort of thing. ^_^

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