TRIPLE Puru H and Crystallize.

I really hate Canada Customs. If they don’t tax you, they rip open your personal packages and sometimes the products inside themselves. If they don’t do that, they tax you. If they don’t do either, something else goes wrong. Sometimes, they do both. Or all.

I got in my latest orders – the Kusano Minamo (a.k.a. Kadena Reon) DVD, TRIPLE Puru H, and the Kahara Tomomi shashinshuu, Crystallize. Crystallize was sealed with a promo sticker on the wrap. Whenever I get these kinds of things, I usually find a way to keep the wrapping on or place the sticker elsewhere on the product. With CDs, it’s usually a no-brainer – keep the wrapping on at all times due to the inclusion of the obi. Some are resealable, and some have that edge opener, which works well. However, there are some CDs that have wrapping that don’t open in a friendly manner and come housed in a slipcase – with those, I use a sharp blade to cut along the edges of the opening so I can slide the CD out. Promo stickers are never an issue with me – I heat up the sticker until it peels off easily and slap it on the CD jewel case – but obi are. Obi can be easily lost, and I’ve tried to flatten them out and put them in the CD, but they are always too long to fit inside. This is why I am very selective about keeping the original wrapping on. Shashinshuu have always been a problem, though. Promo stickers on the wrapping can easily be removed, but where the hell do you put them? Some magazines come with obi, which is doubly annoying. I have hitomi’s LOVE LIFE shashinshuu, and that was hard to open. I had to basically cut a slit along the opening of the book so that the corners would keep the wrapping stretched on – because of this, it sits permanently on the shelf, and nobody else touches it but me.

Customs went and just cut the Crystallize shashinshuu open with disregard. They are just freaking lucky that they didn’t cut the sticker or that it didn’t come with an obi. As it stands, I’m going to be writing a very upset letter to these jerks to explain what the hell they did and demand why they did it. First of all – yes, the shashinshuu is giri giri hadaka, but not all of it. Second of all, it doesn’t explain why they didn’t inspect the TRIPLE Puru H DVD, because that one had way more sexier pictures on the cover. I import a lot of goods from Japan, and I would say that 50% of what I order is squeaky clean. The other 40% is stuff that’s only on a par with Maxim. The very rare 10% contains nudity, but nothing more. I’m a collector of softcore, not porn. If I have to write a letter to make these people recognize this and grant me some kind of immunity against this type of action, so be it. I’ll write the whole damn Parliament!

Kahara Tomomi – Crystallize

Well, with that out of the way, on to the products themselves. Tomomi-chan is one cute girl – she’s been an idol since the 90’s, and though she disappeared for a couple years, she’s come back again with some more music. This shashinshuu is like an otaku’s dream come true. She poses in a variety of settings, accentuating her lithe form and revealing bits of what we’ve often fantasized about. Giri giri, to me, is an art form, meant to titillate the senses and leave much to imagination. Those that bare it all have to find new and innovative ways to excite the fans (ie. Aoi Sora, Mitake Ryoko, Hagiwara Mai, etc.), but I’m always happy either way, since these girls are oh-so-gorgeous – and cute as a (sexy) button like Sora-chan and Mai-chan. I bought this shashinshuu for now just to see the pretty pictures, but I’ll probably still be pre-ordering the Crystallize (Limited Premium Box). It comes with the shashinshuu and a DVD. I hope it comes in a nice box that doesn’t require wrapping.

Kusano Minamo – TRIPLE Puru H
Idol DVD

Kadena Reon’s first DVD under her real name, Kusano Minamo, is the rare gem known as TRIPLE Puru H. If you can find it, good luck! I got it from J-List, who can pretty much get anything in, but they don’t always have stock. As of this writing, they’re currently out of stock, but they have lots of that delicious Hadaka No Reon shashinshuu, which I’m most likely going to order next.

EDIT: Never mind, I already did. ^_~


Current Music: Nakashima Mika – Fed up
Album: MUSIC

After all the MP3 CDs I’ve made for my car, this album has been on almost every single disc I’ve made. I can’t express how much I love this album. On a par with LOVE, MUSIC takes Mika-chan’s sultry voice and puts it into a jazz-blues-pop fusion. I have my favorites on the album, of course, but I love the album as a whole. Every song lends a special sound and style. Anyway, if you want some J-Pop that’s out of the ordinary and stands alone, get MUSIC. You won’t regret it!

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  1. I think the real question is why they had to open it at all. Customs has a very large database of video and game titles. Usually if the product has a bar code, english title, author or anything of the sort, it is entered into the computer and verified that it is a product that passes the Canadian customs regulations. Second, their database describes how the original product ships (ie. what the original seal looks like, what security features it has, and how to see if it has been tampered with). There is usually no reason to open a DVD unless you are the first person to receive such a thing – then you’ll get delayed a few weeks in customs while it gets reviewed and cataloged.

    Write a civil and polite letter to customs. Remember that customs does not have to put any respect into your goods – they have their job to do and that is that. I would write a letter explaining how they can do their job without destroying the product but still being efficient.

    Also, just a thought out of left field, but ask them if there is any way you can reduce the amount of inspection required by customs (ie. faxing/emailing them the order details / receipt when you order so it can be entered in the database and cross referenced or something).

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