[TV] Ayaka No Totsugeki Eikaiwa – Episodes 01 [2001.04.02] to 12 [2001.05.31]

“Ayaka No Totsugeki Eikaiwa!!”

Okaasan got hung up…

“May I have adabatsu (??) chopstick?”

“I’m just rooking.”

If you haven’t seen Ayaka No Totsugeki Eikaiwa… shame on you! It’s hilarious, cute, and a great way to see the members of Hello! Project struggle with their English linguistics skills. The key word here is “surprise”. To be quite honest, a lot of the phrases Ayaka teaches them are quite hard on them, so it takes a while before they can even get it. Teaching is hard, especially when a student like Nakazawa-san keeps trying to run away in episodes 02 [2001.04.05] and 03 [2001.04.11]. Testing them later on is a daunting task, as Nozomi-chan responds with “English my NO!” in episode 06 [2001.04.17]. In episode 12 [2001.05.31], Ai-chan finds an excuse not to use her English! There are nearly over 100 episodes, and I only have the first 84. Leave me a comment if there are no more seeders for this torrent. (Torrent: PMM)

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  1. You know, I’ve never watched and J-Drama. . . .

  2. Wow. . and I never learned to type well either. . . ~__~

  3. J-Drama rocks… in a sappy romantic way, of course. If you were to start watching J-Drama, I would recommend watching either Long Vacation or Strawberry On The Shortcake.

    Ayaka No Totsugeki Eikaiwa (Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons) is actually a segment from one of Hello! Project’s TV shows. Check the link on the left of my LJ for the Public Morning Musume Tracker (PMM), and you’ll find a huge plethora of torrents for idol related media, which includes the surprise English lessons.

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