Twister Thursday

I went to work today, and Dennis was late. Hmm. Anyway, I opened up the store and started putting out some stock while helping customers here and there (because it wasn’t that busy). Todd came in with the Purolator packages, and my CDJapan order was with it! Yay! I quickly opened it up, hugged it, and ripped it to my MP3 player. Hehehe!

Listened to it on the way to Subway for lunch today. It’s not bad. Not quite as melodic as her earlier ballads. Mind you, it’s still quite powerful in its own way, but it still doesn’t beat classics like Far away (my fav!), Dearest, YOU, or SEASONS. Still, I’m giving it a good chance for a while to see if it grows on me. I like it, so that’s a start.

Anyway, wasn’t as busy as the last couple days, but it was busy enough to keep us from getting our appointed tasks done. I was proud of myself – I didn’t touch the computer after I ripped forgiveness. Although, I did use it quickly to check for the release date of Bulletproof Monk. I can’t believe that they’re releasing a Cantonese version of the DVD for Region 1! That’s crazy! Even the cover and stuff is in Chinese. I guess Chinese are getting more popular these days? Well, I don’t really want that – it takes away from the mystery of us as a whole. Hehehe. Yeah, right. The only mystery is how we eat all these weird foods and keep it down. Hahahaha.

The remixes on this CD are good too.

We got most of the stock out and I got the second wall of phones done. It wasn’t much, but… oh, well. Dennis asked me to stay after close, but I had to help the restaurant and get some deliveries in before the day was over. I got a few, so it wasn’t bad. After work was over, mom showed me a bunch of snacks she bought in Winnipeg. Like a kid at X-Mas. X-Ray. X-Men. X-Con. X-Com™. Hmm… I wonder if there’s a connection…

Okay, a bit off-topic there. We got home, Esmond bought some Bawls, no thanks to Greg Dean, but I tried some, and it’s actually not bad. Kind of like drinking a carbonated Elements with tons of caffeine thrown in for good measure. I think I should stop drinking it for fear of hurting my stomach tonight.

Time to shower and sleep…

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