Two More Left…

So… I have about two more months left of paid account time on this LiveJournal. While what I’ve said has been whimsical and kinda neat, it’s left my homepage in dire need of attention. So, what I’ve decided to do is work on getting easier feedback on my homepage posts. Not like anybody ever reads my blog, but it’s there for anybody to reply to my posts. I’ll probably use a forum to catalogue all this, but I’ve really been meaning to create a feedback form using PHP. Unfortunately, this sort of thing needs time – time that I no longer have the luxury of – so, a forum will do for now until I can come up with the pseudo-code of what I want. Data storage is still pretty simple and basic, and I’d really like to upgrade to SQL sometime. It would make my job a whole lot easier. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say.

Oh, if you were wondering what happened to me on my last post, I was REALLY depressed. However, since then, the matter has been settled and we’ve decided to leave everything else up to fate. If we were truly meant to be together, we will end up together. So, for now, I’m sticking to my original plans. Work, learn Japanese, visit Japan once a year (maybe a con here and there), and try to improve my drawing skills by hand and by Illustrator. Then, finish school in animation, and then move to Japan. I figure by the time I’m in Japan, I’ll be 31 or 32. I give about a year or so after that getting settled into my new career of anime. If I don’t like it, then maybe I’ll think about becoming a manga-ka. However, I want to do both, so I’ll probably have that untitled manga idea I had in the works up and running. That would be nice.

Anyway, getting paid tomorrow, so I’d better sleep now and wake up early! I’ve been a good boy so far – three days with no spending! How amazing is that???

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  1. *laughs* congrats on the no spending. i am bad for that. *huge huggers* yeah keep your lj even if its a free account! i read i read! hehe. and as to the girl and you, sometimes hun leaving it up to fate is the best deal. thats what i have been doing *L* mind you its nerve racking at times. but it still leaves you with hope.

  2. Thanks a lot, babe! I’m now four days spending free!! Yayness!

    Anyway, the reason why I need to pay attention to my homepage is because my web hosting company likes to take out $30 from my account on a monthly basis. So… hahahaha.

    Sorry for being vague about her, but things are getting better. What happened was I finally told her my feelings on MSN after six years, and she also felt the same way, but we both thought the opposite of the other, so we grew different ways. She lives in Malaysia, so it’s not like we have a choice. Plus, we have family conflict issues, so we decided that if we were to be together in the future, we have to keep it a secret from them. As long as I’m with her, nothing else matters. ^_^

    So… anyway, how’s life? Sorry for not keeping up to date with you, but work keeps me WAY too busy…

  3. *laughs and hugs back* well hun my life is about the same just getting more complicated in parts. the ways of the heart are hard ways to learn. and harder ones to follow *smiles and huggers* and dont worry! just get back when ya can :)

  4. Well, at least you are still kicking. I know many people who are in a worse condition than we are, so…

    Anyway, I will try to get back on track, though it’s getting harder to determine when…

  5. *laughs* still kicking? well i dont know about kicking *L* hurts a bit to much for that at the moment *winks*

    but dont worry babe. things come back in time. hell if i could come back from paul *shrugs* ya can do anything *nods*

  6. Yep.

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