Ultra320, Baby! [WARNING! X-treme g33kn355 ahead!]

I was doing homework about going a little bit more hardcore with my hard drive performance by next year. The way things are going, I think it might be possible. The configuration would be this:

  • Adaptec 39320-R Ultra360 SCSI PCI adapter
  • Seagate Cheetah 150GB Ultra320 SCSI hard drive

The SCSI adapter only costs about $500 at Softmagic.ca (yeah, that’s where I’m shopping for my PC stuff now), but the hard drive alone costs $1100. So… yeah, saving will be required for this configuration. I actually can’t wait to get this beast in my machine. Not only that, but with the SCSI adapter I’m getting, I’ll be able to chain 30 drives together. Muahaha. Hopefully, though, when the time comes to add more drives, they’ll have dropped down in price. The tablet will have to wait a bit longer as well. I just got paid, and I’ve been having second thoughts about making such a purchase so soon, especially since I can pay off my debts some more. Now that I have an outstanding dentist’s bill, I really should reconsider too. So, I have.

Time to eat.

Current Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura – 56 to 59 [A-Galaxy]

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