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Apparently, I’ve made 104 posts on this blog, including this one. So, four posts ago, I forgot to celebrate my 100th post. Well… umm… here’s a gravure nude of Aoi Sora for the GOTD. Now THAT’S something to celebrate! ^_^

Guild Wars is fun. I’ve only had a chance to play a little bit, but from what I’ve played so far, it’s been awesome. Although I died a few times from the harder missions, I haven’t found it frustrating at all, since dying doesn’t hinder your progress by much (unless you die too much and have to reset the area).

So… going to Winnipeg next week Wednesday. I’m excited. I’m… totally unprepared. I need to prepare a best man’s speech for Ian’s wedding, and I also need to pick up a wedding gift. The wedding gift will be easy – I’ll pick it up in the city since it’ll be too big to buy here and bring down to the city with me. The speech, however… that’s a different story altogether. However, I’m not that concerned about it – I plan to have a rough draft before the week is over. My new concern now is the fact that I may not have a solid place to stay. It turns out that the guys we were going to crash with have gotten a third roommate. I think we might be screwed. That hotel option might actually become a reality – either that, or sleeping in the car. O_o

I’m making a bunch of different playlists for the trip down – there will be a CD mixed with favorites of me and Esmond’s. Another will be full of J-Urban and a new playlist I’m calling The Dark Side of Music. It’s basically a mix of not-so-happy music, not limited to just metal.

My cousin, Oliver, is going to be in Winnipeg for another wedding. I also overheard of two more weddings taking place that weekend in Winnipeg. What the hell… is it prime marriage season or something? I’d better find a future wife, in that case. :P

Digressing aside, Oliver is a car audio aficionado, much like I’m a computer aficionado. You know, I never thought of myself as a computer tech or a computer expert or anything like that, but I could never come up with the correct term for what it is I am when it comes to computers. I never thought I would be considered an enthusiast. Crap, more digressing. So, to the point, I told Oliver of my plan to install a new sub and amp in my car, and he assessed my car audio for me, figuring that I need to upgrade my speakers as well. The kicker is that he knows some people in Visions down in Winnipeg, and he’s going to hook me up with some good deals, which will help when he also buys a new alarm system from them. Nice. I might just get a power lock system too. Since he’ll be in Winnipeg, he’s dropping off his car at a body shop for work, so he might be hitching a ride back up with us. I wonder if we’ll be able to stay at his place?

So much for my cheap car parts. I called the place that was selling the stuff online, and they quoted me $600 US for shipping everything to Canada!! Talk about ridiculous – now I know why the parts were so damn cheap, they’re killing us with the shipping and pocketing it all! What a bunch of jerks! As a result, I cancelled my order and they complied without leaving me negative feedback on my eBay account. Because of this ordeal, I hereby give them the Ass-Fucker Award of the Week. Congratulations!

My website template is now complete! However, I just installed MySQL on my laptop, so I’m figuring that out for my website. Heh, by the time I’m done, my website is gonna dynamically r0x0rz. Now that I’ve implemented CSS, I can easily create themes, which is also in the works.

Current Music: Oleander – Are You There?

Track 54 of The Dark Side of Music playlist. So far… this song, melodically, doesn’t seem to match, but the lyrics are dead-on.

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