Update? Maybe.

I’ve been pretty LJ delinquent, haven’t I?

Well, here’s the whole gist of what I forgot to write about.

On Friday night, Patrick and Teniele (Pat’s g/f) came over to see me. Teniele’s nursing buddies were holding a party at the bowling alley on Saturday, and Patrick invited me to come over after work. So, on Saturday, I went there and Patrick was getting quite buzzed. By the time we were all ready to go, he let me drive since everybody was all hammered. I drove everybody to my cousin’s bar, Perrie Cabaret, where I saw my cousin and Perrie. Too bad Ka-Ka wasn’t there! ^_^

Anyway, we ran into our fellow CST P.O.W., Billy, who was all dressed up with his co-workers. We hung out for a bit while Patrick swallowed down another bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Dan even made an appearance and I got to meet Kim’s aunt, but it’s too bad Kim wasn’t there. ;_;

So, on the way out, I ran into Joe, who was dropping off his sister, Vania (yeah, the same Vania whose laptop I fixed). I invited him for a movie on Monday, and then we all took off to the Burntwood with me at the helm again. Patrick’s Jeep is quite the machine to handle! Hahahaha. After a while at the Burntwood, Patrick told me to just drive home and pick him up for a movie the next day. So, I did. On Sunday, I ran some errands with the Jeep, filled up some gas to replace what I wasted, and met Patrick back at my place with Esmond along for the ride. We watched Monsters, Inc. Damn, that movie looks even better on my HDTV! Hahahaha. Later that night, I invited Dan over for a movie, but he couldn’t make it because of some kids that needed babysitting.

On Monday, I got a haircut and visited RS. It’s cool visiting work when it’s your off-day. I even did a bit of work. Hahahaha, that’s irony. After that, I visited Kim at work, and she asked me to hang out with her during her break. She was worried that I was telling everybody at her workplace that we were dating, but I hadn’t said a word about it. People there pretty much were assuming ahead of us, since I was visiting Kim so frequently. Anyway, Kim came to pick me up at work during her break, and we went to Baaco’s to have a drink and play some slots. We got to learn a bit more about each other… but I don’t know if it was a date? Hahahaha. She told me she was leaving town to attend her cousin’s funeral (who passed away earlier) with her whole family, so I was kinda worried about when I would see her next. She asked me to call her later, but I never did, since I was busy… umm… watching a movie with Joe later that night. Repli-Kate. Great movie, and Ali Landry did a superb job. Funny as heck!

So, Tuesday rolled around. At RS, Lee gave me a stats sheet that lists me as the 2nd top salesman in the district! Holy mother of pearl, Batman! It’s only been a week so far, and I’ve already made $9,000 in sales. I’m not far from the $10,000 mark. Hehehehe. I invited Dan for a movie again, but he was tired. I bet he hit the bars for a bit. Hehehehe.

So, today is Wednesday, obviously. It’s been a slow two days at RS. Hardly made any big sales, especially since John is working, but I don’t mind, since John is cool with me. We actually got some decent stock in, and we even have a Sony Cybershot, the exact model I wanted! Too bad it’s not as low a price as Wal-Mart’s. Too bad Wal-Mart hasn’t had stock of it since they lowered the price three weeks ago. At WP, I did a bunch of deliveries and proofread my HACK-R on my Palm (which has the entire series and all three Harry Potter books stored in it now). During one of my deliveries, which turned out to be a dud, I went home to check out the new furniture. Two Laz-E-Boys sat in the spot where our old chairs were. Very nice. ^_^

When I got back to the WP, Kim was outside having a smoke! She saw me and came over as I got out of the car, and she said she stayed in town and just went to the funeral home this morning instead. She asked me to go visit her at work later, so I did. When it was time for me to go, she asked me to call her when I get home, and was kinda upset that I didn’t call her on Monday, but, that was my plan. Kinda like punishment for breaking her promises a few times before. Hehehehe. So. I guess she’s more interested in me now? I called her just now and she asked me to visit her at work tomorrow. She’ll even come to drag me away from work. So, that’s cool. She’s also moving out of her parents’ place next week, so I’ll actually be able to call her at home without getting that rude girl on the phone. Hahahaha.

Umm… that was a huge-mongous update. I know I should update more often, but when life is being lived, I guess I don’t have a lot of time on my hands. That sux0rz. I really need to design my website. Hahahaha. Well, I’m also working on my scans on the side, so… hopefully, I can k0d3 a quick and dirty scans page later. Well, tomorrow is Halloween, so I’m gonna go dressed as a shirt ninja! Yayness! ^_^

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