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Does anybody remember that line? Many PC gamers should remember it from “Planescape: Torment”. It was such an awesome game. I still want to buy it. There are just some games that should not be copied. I guess that with the advent of CD-R drives, everybody’s into burning everything under the sun. I refuse to fall prey to that lifestyle. I’ll copy a game if I think it’s worth a play once in a blue moon. Most of the time, though, I buy all my games. I’ve got quite the collection of original PlayStation games. I’m not even really into gaming all that much, but every once in a while, I need to kick back and relax with a fun game, you know what I mean? And I like to fill up my shelves with something worthwhile. When I was young, I had lots of Transformers. However, when my family moved to a new house, they were thrown out (intentionally or accidentally, I still don’t know). So, to make up for that great loss, I collect anything I like. I’m big into Japanese pop culture and PC gaming. It’s funny, because I will buy PC games made in the USA, but I won’t buy US games for my gaming consoles. Every game I own for my PlayStation, N64, and Dreamcast are made in Japan. The last thing I need to do is refurnish my room into a Japanese room. Hehehe.

Well, my domain name, http://www.hanime.org/, is finally up, but the PHP is somehow not working. I think my web host didn’t set my directory with the execute permission. Maybe I should get a job with them since I mess around with this crap all the time more than they do. I’d be able to fix problems before they get to them. Heh.

(EDIT: HANime.org is now defunct and owned by another person.)

I decided to dabble around in my computers last night, since DSL is coming up later on this week. My computer currently has a crappy winmodem and an ISA 10 mbps NIC. Since my PSTN (Public Switching Telephone Network) is distributing D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100 NICs with their DSL packages, I didn’t request one, since I need a 3Com 3C905 Series 10/100 NIC to get DSL working with my Linux box. I also needed an ISA modem, so I decided, I’m gonna see what I have first before I start spending money. I ripped open my Norika-chan box and found – guess what? – a 3C905-TX NIC. Well, damn. I had that thing for the longest time and I never even knew it. And what coincidence too, because my friend had an AOpen ITU/2 56k ISA modem, so I swapped my PCI winmodem with it. I swapped my ISA NIC with the PCI NIC and now I have the semi-perfect box. I just configured my Linux box with my NIC and new modem, and now I’m all good for now. I just need to get an identical NIC to share my DSL connection with my other boxes, but for now, I’m cool. Well …it’d also be nice to get a SoundBlaster Live Platinum 5.1 and an nVidia GeForce3. Or an AMD Athlon Thunderbird processor and RAID board. Hehehe. We all like to dream.

C-Pop/J-Pop Insight
Ever since Kuraki Mai came on the scene and stole the throne from Amuro Namie, her music has become scarce. Her last few singles were good, but she’s currently working on a new album, so I can’t wait for that release. For now, though, her single, “Please Smile Again” has got me content. It’s a good song, and has that weird song quality that is distinctly Namie. Weird is good, in some ways, but Namie pulls it off perfectly.

That’s all. Ja ne.

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