I’m too lazy to update, so here’s what’s new in point form.

  • my finger still hasn’t healed from cutting it on the printer I fixed at work
  • thinking about getting a job at Calm Air, maybe Flight Dispatcher or something like that
  • got in my AIR ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and Lia CDs.
  • heading off to Toronto tomorrow ^_^
  • got in my income tax cheque – I’m rich, biatch!!
  • looking at picking up an HP iPaq
  • going to pick up a Yamaha PSR293 keyboard to compose some music
  • finally getting all my work calls under control – but who cares, since I hate this job anyway

That’s about it. I could add my thoughts and feelings about all these things, but most of them are pretty self-explanatory and I just don’t give a damn right now.

Current Music: Kiminozo OST

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