Updating Because I Seriously Haven’t For a While

So… I was sick for almost a week. It was so crazy. I had the flu – aches, pains, cold symptoms, headache, fever. The only things I didn’t have were a runny nose or coughing. They came at the end, though, but still…

I’m listening to some of this new Jay Chou album, 葉惠美 (Ye Hui Mei). Wow, it really rocks. A little bit of everything here and there. In terms of shock value for the entire Chinese society, I’d say that Jay is pretty much the Eminem of China. Not because he’s a poser or anything, but because his music doesn’t follow the conventional rules that every other vocalist’s does. His stuff is no Mark Lui, that’s for sure. Hahahaha.

Anyway, Dennis is going to be working at Skyward, so that leaves me with only one option – to because assistant manager at RadioShack. Lee was relieved – he had been wanting me to do so ever since he became manager. I’ve been wanting to as well, but certain things held me back – Wonton Place, Dennis, and myself. I’ve come to terms with being assistant manager, but all that was left was WP and Dennis. Now that Dennis is out of the picture, I decided to drop back to part-time at WP, since it’d be easier on me and I can still do some deliveries on the weekends. So I don’t make $400 in tax-free cash anymore. I have a title and a guaranteed salary to make up for it.

Wow, it feels so alien posting here after so long. I guess I’ve been away from the computer for so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like. Being sick sucks, because I don’t wanna do anything other than sit in front of the TV and watch Friends.

You’ll notice that I’ve changed the style of my LJ again. My favorites are now permanently in a backdated entry – at least until I can find a way to store them remotely or locally. If remotely, see if I can call them anytime I want from LJ. Even SQL would be nice.

Okay, I’m studying my Japanese daily again. The rush is due to the fact that the manga I’m working on for HIOS.org is done, but I want to make it bilingual – both Japanese and English. Mind you, it won’t be perfect Japanese, so I’ll have to make sure I write the English version grammatically terrible as well. Hahahaha!

And I’m finally out of my funk. Feel free to comment on my posts again. Mind you, most entries will still be Friends only. So, be my friend! :P

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  1. Hope you feel better! Do you know Mandarin? ^^ A friend of mine was nuts about his songs, tho she didn’t understand a word. Anyway, just curious cuz I don’t know much and is starting to learn this fall.

    So, be my friend! :P
    ^^ You’re telling those who have already saved you as friend (as this appears to be a friends only entry, i think) to be your friend? Done!

  2. (As I suddenly realize the absurdity of that line and changes the entry to Public) ^_^

    I wish I knew Mandarin. I only know Cantonese, but I can’t read or write Chinese at all.

    Thanks for being my friend! ^_^

  3. I just have one thing to say. TEZUKA-SAMA!!!

  4. :) *waves* You’re not alone. And it was my pleasure.

  5. Hehe ^^ yeah, its the “cuddly” buchou!

  6. *sends lovins to han* glad someone else is doin good to

  7. There’s always a white light at the end of the tunnel.

    That… was not a good analogy… ;_;

  8. *small smile* sorry hun. i’m not good with words anymore

  9. That’s okay. It’s just nice to hear from you in general. ^_^

  10. *L* really? thanks

  11. autographnews says

    Speaking of Friends, when does the new season start? Also, would you mind adding me as ? I rarely log on as autographnews. Thank you! and it’s good that you’re feeling better!

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