Upgrade to Seven (of Nine ^_^)

I had a rather normal day at work – except that it was boiling hot!! Holy crap, my eyebrows were on fire just from BEING inside the kitchen!

I played more Kyodai on my laptop. Got to fool around with SSX Tricky, finally. Played the Alaska venue on Showoff mode using Kaori for an hour. Man, I was SO close! Just 7000 points away from the gold medal! NOOOOOOO!!!! I jynxed myself because I restarted so close to the finish line and I kept screwing up in all the simplest places. But, man, I had a crazy run. Filled up my entire Tricky meter before the middle of the course, but I screwed up a big air jump. Got too greedy and tried to squeeze in that last trick. Not cool.

So, now I’m slowly working on doing some scans. I installed Paint Shop Pro 7 on Mai-chan after much deliberation. I’m still running PSP6, but after owning PSP7 for half a month, I decided to give it a go. I am wary of upgrading a lot because most software companies are notorious for making radical changes to their GUIs. I’ve been running ACDSee 3.1 for the longest time because ACDSee 4.0 changed WAY too much. I hated the new GUI interface and options so much that I just got rid of the damn program and kept using ACDSee 3.1. But, PSP7 was a shock. They didn’t change the main interface too much, but they rearranged the Effects into its own menu and sorted them a little more better. A few more added features make PSP7 a pretty slick upgrade. The only drawback is having to relearn my keyboard shortcuts all over again! Not necessarily bad, but inconvenient.

Sleep… that’s what I need. Gotta wake up at 7:30 AM again tomorrow to drive Eugene to work. The only upside about waking up early tomorrow is the chance to see Ka-Ka again! If Perrie had any problems this weekend with babysitters, I hope she thinks of me! (Crosses fingers.)

I’m such a woman sometimes, and this is one of those times. Hahahaha.

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  1. cookiesandcream says

    wow very nice layout & colours :)

  2. Hahahaha… I don’t think so… but thanks anyway. ^_^

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