I’m on vacation from work for three days. I have nine days total of vacation time, so I have to somehow squeeze in six more days between weeks. Maybe I should split it into two days per week. That way, everybody can still have a day off.

I’m assistant manager in training when I get back on Thursday. That’s really gonna be stressful. Hahaha. So, I’ve made up my mind. I’m gonna learn Mandarin ASAP. I want to be able to speak it, since the majority of Chinese speak it. Cantonese isn’t a problem – I’m fluent enough to make small talk and to get my point across to people.

I just rearranged some stuff in Esmond’s and my room. There’s more space now, now that the huge bed is gone. We just left the mattress on the floor, futon style, so there are no more comforters to run over with our chairs. Don’t get confused with American “foo-tawns” – the ones that fold from chairs into beds – I’m talking about the traditional futon that you can roll up and put in a closet when not in use.

Hmm… browsing through some Asian girls scans… these Thai girls are pretty hot.

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