Vampire’s Haven.

Nobody ever told me that after the surgery, my mouth would produce more saliva than usual, causing the bleeding to seem like it’s ten times more than it actually is. I had to research this on the net last night to find ways to stop the bleeding. I kept spitting blood out of my mouth last night in a panic, wondering if I was gonna pass out from blood loss, or if vampires would smell the blood and come after me. If only the doctors also mentioned that spitting strains the clotting process. I’m so glad I have the internet.

So, other than the crazy bleeding, not much else is going on. My face may or may not swell up after today, but that still remains to be seen. I have lots of ice on hand, so it’s not even a problem. I think the most annoying part about this is the fasting. I’m sooooooo hungry! All I can have is water. Damn. Well, as everybody keeps telling me, endure this once and for all and I’ll never have to worry about it again.

So, tomorrow is pay-day. I may or may not get a Wacom Intuos2 depending on how well I did. I just installed Painter 8, and it seems to be quite the in depth illustrating program. Good, good.

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