Venting Warning Ahead.

Man, I’m finally taking this writing thing seriously and nobody seems to be giving me a second glance! I posted my entire series of HACK-R and I got ONE review. So? What about the other people who seemingly read it? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Did you even finish the damn thing?

Well, okay, so HACK-R is a bad example. It was, after all, written in Script format, which can turn off a lot of people. But I posted two other projects and I got nothing. Nada. Either something’s wrong with my writing or something’s wrong with me.

Blast it all!! I know the damn difference between “your and you’re”, “its and it’s”, and “there, their, and they’re”!!! I punctuate like a demon possessed! Oh, I’m sorry. Perhaps I should dumb down my mastery of this pathetic language so that people can actually understand what I’m trying to say. How about this: THEIR is a sentence over THEY’RE that THERE going to love. Happy now???

Okay, it’s been a bad week. People suck, and I suck harder for saying so. But, please, tell me what you think of my writing. O_o

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