Very Far, Quite Good…

So, Daniel called me yesterday at around 6:00 PM. Before that, I got a surprise call from Nico at 5:30 PM. That was cool, hearing from him. It sucks that I missed Sunday Cruise Night, but… there’s always next time, eh?

Anyway, Daniel and I made plans to meet each other at St. Vital first, and then go to his place after that. So, I went to Confusion Corner and… missed the bus. So, while waiting for the next bus, I walked east of Osborne until I reached a nice bus stop with a bench in the shade. What luck, eh? It was also next to a Transit center. Anyway, the bus ran late, and it finally arrived. I saw it coming my way and… it turned into the Transit center! Of course, at this point, I was really confused, and I was worried that the bus wasn’t coming my way. Lo and behold, a bus driver came up to my stop and I asked him if that bus was coming back this way. Instead of answering me, he ran full tilt for the transit station. Rude much? Anyway, the bus finally came back out, and when I got on, that guy was there! He told me that yes, the bus DID come back this way. Thanks for nothing. His response time was abouit as efficient as the text messages Daniel was sending me while I waited. Har har har.

Well, Daniel and I went around St. Vital. I FINALLY picked up a belt. We grabbed a bus to his area, where I picked up some Wendy’s. We headed to his apartment on Munroe and we hung out. I met his wife and two kids – lucky guy. He showed me his Usenet stuff and Stargate SG-1 episodes he downloaded. I got a chance to see the new Stargate Atlantis preview and some of New Order! I took the bus back to Ian’s at around 12:15 AM, and when I got back, I tried to get some Stargate via Usenet, but the files won’t extract for some strange reason. Bah, I’ll figure it out some more when I have some time.

This morning sucked. Woke up at 7:00 AM with a major stomachache – must have been the iced tea from Starbucks that I had. I don’t respond well to western tea.

Well, off to do apartment hunting with Ian. Ikuze!

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