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I love clouds – some people already know this – because they have some kind of serenity to them that puts me at ease and in awe at the same time. Twister is one of my most favorite movies solely because of the ending credits sequence – the clouds with Edward Van Halen’s synth/guitars providing the ambience and the power. If I could, I would put that on repeat at the store all day (if only there were no credits).

I came up with this cool idea while listening to one of my most favorite Delerium song just now – I’m going to take my Sony digicam and my Panasonic miniDV camcorder and take tons of shots and videos of clouds this summer. The skies look awesome this season, and what better way to admire them than to capture them timelessly? I also have footage from last year’s big thunder storm, so I might use some of that if there are no major storms this year. I also want to set my camcorder up to take continuous footage – then I can do some quick-motion to show the clouds moving at a faster rate. I always liked that effect. Once all this footage is taken, collage everything together with Delerium’s Truly in the background, and I’ll have a really cool video in the end. Anybody interested in donating some high-quality footage, feel free to leave a comment in this topic and we’ll make arrangements to transfer the video.

For those techies out there, the final video will be encoded in a 95% compressed XviD format with a 128kbps MP3 audio track.

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  1. how about a picture of me hmping a polar bear?

  2. Hahaha… should go to Churchill one of these days and get a shot of you humping one of the stuffed polar bears there. XD

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