Violin Crazed, Indeed!!!

OH YEAH, BABY!!!!!! Somebody just got their violin!!!

Anyway, it arrived at the restaurant, so I have to go there right away. I’m not as groggy as I was before, and I’m feeling in higher spirits than I was earlier. Umm… I decided to pop in my Sammix Dance Collection CD after much neglect. I bought it from HK a while ago, but I forgot to listen to it… hehehe!

I found out some interesting information earlier this week from my aunt. It seems as though hot vocal superstar, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, son of Tse Yin, was born in Canada! That’s right, he was born and educated in Canada during his early years, so he’s quite fluent in Canuck (well, he’s been away from Canada for a while now…). That’s so cool, it just goes to show that anybody Chinese can touch base with their roots again. Now, he’s a successful singer and a fair actor in Hong Kong. Huh. This suspiciously sounds like information I should be posting in my Canadian/American Chinese Community. (EDIT: Died faster than a n00b WoW character in a high level enemy territory.)

Hey, like my new and improved icons? I like the clouds backgrounds much better than the ones I temporarily made. Ugh. Don’t remind me of them, okay? Anyway, it’s off to the restaurant now! I’ll let you know how badly I draw the bow! Hehehe!

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