Visit. Fast.


It was a good visit. Goo-mah’s neck is slowly healing from the surgery. It’s still a bit blue around the edges, but otherwise healing. Her voice has somewhat come back a bit. Ka-Ka was cute as usual! She was playing with her teacups and dishes when we came in, and then she went into her playhouse for a bit. She’s still so cute!

Today also happened to be the two-year mark of my goo-jeung’s death. We paid our respects to his shrine. What a perfect coincidence that we visited right on this day.


Got to work a bit late, but it didn’t matter since both Lee and John were out for coffee. Something cool happened though… my DVD-writer came in! (insert appropriate cheering here, followed by idiomatic exclamation)

Man, Purolator really came through this time. It only took, like, 4 days to get here, since they sent it out the same day I ordered it. Nice! I can’t wait to get home and strap this baby in.

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