Wacky Wednesday

Work was crazy yesterday. I didn’t expect it, but it was. The whole morning was pretty easy. Updated LiveJournal, read my friends’ entries, wrote down the rest of the pricing on the phone wall – stuff like that.

The challenge came when Dennis went for lunch. An hour later, it was hella busy, and he wasn’t back yet. He finally called, saying that he got sick and was at the hospital getting a check-up. He also wasn’t sleeping too well either, so that might have contributed to it. In all honesty, he doesn’t take care of himself very well. By that, I mean that he doesn’t eat any veggies at all. NONE. Just like Ian used to be. I’m glad that Alanna is feeding him veggies now. They’re grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

So, while Dennis was gone, I snuck out for lunch. When I came back, John and I manned the store. In fact, we didn’t even have much time to go on the computers (our favorite work pastime when the work is done). Not only that, but I sold the Compaq 2070 laptop with a 5 year EWP. Straaaaaaaight up!

Well, no pricing got done today. Sorry.

Since Dennis was AWOL, I lost my ride home. So, I trekked it by foot all the way to the bank, then all the way back to home. The worse part was – my MP3 jukebox died just as I closed up the store. What a jip! Stupid batteries – I’ll fix them someday… hehehe.

At home, I was lazy, so I heated up the last of the Pizza Hut and boiled some miso udon. Yum! Watched some Friends, checked out Hash’s computer, played Ape Escape 2. Everybody got back from Winnipeg at around 9:30 PM or so, which was fast for them! They must have left shortly after noon or so. Anyway, Esmond got a new Sony Clié. I don’t know why he got such a mid-level model, but I’m soooooooo jealous! I won’t admit it to him, though. Hahahaha. Well, I was planning on upgrading my Palm anyway, but I was torn between staying with Palm or going with Sony. I’ll probably end up going with Sony, since I don’t NEED a digital camera and MP3 player built into the latest Palm. I also won’t be getting one until after I’ve paid off my financing, so… keep on dreaming. Well, that’s my day yesterday, and I have to go to work now.

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