Webcam, Return!

And it’s back! I got back a webcam! Lee found his at home and gave it to me, saying that he never used it anyway. Of course, I know that he actually feels bad about taking away the other one. Hahaha!

Well, the majority of my day was outlined in the Radio Shack entry earlier today… I installed The Longest Journey on the computer at the WP… so that I can play during the slow times. Might as well, since I never play games at home all that much… hahaha!

Decided to get my Orgy: Vapor Transmission CD from my parents’. I have to get the rest of my junk from there and buy more bookshelves to organize the room. Anyway, yeah, I do listen to English music from time to time, but most of it seems to be techno and industrial music. Hahaha, I guess I don’t like mainstream English music all that much.

Anyway, enjoy the webcam pix, and I’m gonna go take a shower…

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