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Aikawa Yuzuki

The Wedding DVD for Ian and Jazmine is really coming along nicely. I let some ideas mull over in my head for a week before continuing on with the project, and now I’ve pretty much completed the DVD menus. I also ended up separating each section into chapters, which was no mean feat. The last chapter is incomplete as I’m waiting to get some extra info from the newlyweds.

Nothing else is happening, really. I finished reading the most recent volumes of Mahou Sensei Negima. It’s such a funny series with lots of mystical action and giri giri nudes. It almost makes me wish I was 10 again. ^_~

So, Yotsuba To! has two volumes released already, and I recently found out that W JULIET was domesticated as well! In addition, I discovered a manga series I hadn’t heard of yet – Genshiken! The storyline reminds me of COMIC PARTY with an actual plot. I need to pick these up!

So, I’m un-rich. I’m buying tons of manga because:

  • they’re fun to read
  • they have more content than anime
  • they’re cheaper than anime
  • the artwork is usually better
  • they look nice stacked all over my room
  • you don’t need an expensive HDTV and 5.1 surround sound setup to enjoy
  • Back to work. I’ve managed to put away a lot of calls last week, but can I do the same this week?! Find out in the next episode of NexInnovations Z!!!

    Sorry, I’m tired.

    Current Music: Tagawa Toshimi – Kawa No Nagare No You Ni

    ENKA ENKA ENKA!!! I loooooooooooove Enka! Enka is what you could consider Japanese old-fashioned blues. Most people past their prime enjoy listening to Enka and you can even sing them at karaoke pubs in Japan! I know I’m not past my prime, but Enka is starting to pick up again, now that Hikawa Kiyoshi took the old trend and brought it back last year. He’s got a very unique voice, I’ll admit, and he puts a life into it that hasn’t been seen or heard for a long time. I watched one of his live performances during last year’s awards show, and he rocked the house, so to speak. What I have here is a classic song that’s been sung by many artists, but I happen to like Toshimi-chan because of her cute looks and pleasant voice. The album I have in the car is the second disc of Tagawa Toshimi Tokusen Shuu. Another great voice to pick up is Yashiro Aki. You may remember her as the artist who performed Onore Michi, the ED theme for the Gokusen anime. Yes, THAT’S Enka!!! Oh yeah, apparently, the stereotype is that Yakuza love Enka, but I think that it’s more of a preference than a stereotype. All it takes is that one catchy Enka song to reel you in, and then you’re hooked. Within the hustle and bustle of today’s music, it’s nice to kick back and listen to something traditional and relaxing, albeit the sad tone of lyrics.

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