What a crappy birthday.

They say that karma is a pain in the butt. Boy, were they right.

I swear, everytime it’s my birthday, something just HAS to go wrong. And it did. My computer, Mai-chan, died on me. I think that the webcam I installed conflicted with the system. I installed it while the system was still running, and I started using it with the drivers for the old one. Completely my fault, I should have rebooted.

Well, I guess that when the motion detection kicked in for the day, it caused a BSOD – which resulted in a looping general protection fault. I forcibly shutdown the system, rebooted, and was presented with the good ol’ System Registry Checker, which decided to just up and restore the last saved backup of my registry, which was… umm… when I installed the system. Oh, crap.

Well, good-bye, system. I’m now reinstalling it. I just hope that I don’t lose my data.

Did I forget to mention that my birthday sucks, year to year? Just thought I’d mention that.

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