What A Day – Part 2

I did absolutely nothing yesterday. I played some E&B, and I tried to play .hack, but I just couldn’t get into it, no thanks to E&B. Hehehehe.

Let’s see if I can actually do something today. Well… it wasn’t a total loss. I actually did do a drawing, but it’s incomplete. I’ll have to finish it today, since it’s a graphic for the HIOS.org website.

I’m finally listening to Kelly Chen’s In The Party CD that I bought last year when I went to Winnipeg with the family. So far, I love it! She goes back to her techno roots in the first five tracks. Nice! Right now, I’m looking at the new releases and I really want Joey Yung’s new album and that new Sammi movie, Good Times, Bed Times. I hope she puts out another album soon, too. The last few of them were really stellar.

General ranting today. I’m gonna see if I can finish the tablet drawing and do a bit of my assistant manager homework.

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