What am I doing?

It’s 2:00 AM in the morning, and I have to be up to open the store tomorrow. Honestly, work sucks.

Hung out with James-see for the first time in two months. I accidentally let it slip that I might be moving down with Ian. Good thing I said “might” instead of “will”. The darn guy wants to move in with us now! Oh oh! I quickly covered it up by saying that Ian and I have been discussing it for several years now and nothing had ever come of it.

Why is it that people don’t like James-see? Other than the fact that he’s overbearing, lacks manners, lacks a sense of cleanliness, lacks a sense of modesty, and is otherwise quite annoying? Okay, so he had a bad childhood. He has some rather bad habits that are hard for him to break. It’s not like he’s completely hopeless. I haven’t met one person who had one good thing to say about him. And calling him “a seasoned hardcore gamer” is NOT considered a good thing. I hang out with him and then I hang out with my other friends. I know that none of my friends like him, or will ever like him, simply because that’s the kind of person he comes off as. Is it bad of me to think of him this way? Am I a bad friend because I hang out with people who don’t like him? Am I terrible because I don’t like him sometimes? He’s the only person in this town who doesn’t know that I’m moving in with Ian in the city. I feel bad for not letting him know, but I also don’t want him to know because there’s no easy way to tell him that nobody likes him, that nobody will ever like him, unless he changes his attitude. The thing is, Megan and I have confronted him about this and told him this before, and he didn’t make an effort at all. He seemed perfectly fine with having just me as his friend.

I know it’s the wrong application, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

It sounds harsh coming from me, but I’ll be friends with him, just not roommates anymore. He can move down with me, but I just can’t live with him.

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  1. Someone’s got to be the Dorkfish in every social circle. For you it’s James. I don’t really have one, other than him (sort of) so I’m obviously lacking a big circle of friends. Or I’m the Dorkfish. Not certain. Either way, you can’t base your life on him, and he really should get out of the habit of latching onto people and leeching them. It happens. Life is.

  2. littlefreeze says

    Why is being a seasoned hardcore gamer not good!?!?!?!

  3. It’s good, but not when you’ve neglected your entire life to become one.

  4. You ARE a dorkfish just for saying the word. ^_^

    But, you have a point. I’m not trying to base my life on him, but sooner or later, I’m gonna have to tell him what’s happening in my life, and why he can’t be a part of it. I owe him that much.

    I think a big circle of friends begins when you start hanging out with the friends of your workmates. I haven’t gotten that far yet.

  5. littlefreeze says

    I see your point.

  6. I forgot the exception – if you live your job, and your job is to play video games for companies. ^_^

  7. Not necessarily. It can come all sorts of ways. But either way, if you need a backdoor, tell him that I said no. I don’t really care if he gets mad at me.

  8. That… Would be a great job. But there are so few spots to do that, and none of them in Canada, really.

  9. Thanks anyway, but I wouldn’t want 400 pounds of pure anger in front of me. XD

  10. Dangit, I keep trying to find you on iRO, but you’re never on! Sheesh!

  11. Completely my fault. It’s been tough these past few days, trying to wake up early. Running low on sleep screws up my sleep schedule, so I end up sleeping late because I’m overtired, and waking up late as a result.

    Tomorrow is Sunday!! Time to play!!!

  12. I’ll be on all morning! Probably. But I’ll be on now! On MSN at least. And then on iRo.

  13. I overslept!!! I woke up at 10 and saw your message, but you were gone already. I’ll be on tonight after work… and then again tomorrow, when I get off from work at 3 PM!! Hope to see you then!

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