What are you doing… the day after tomorrow?

I got a chance to watch The Day After Tomorrow tonight. Well, technically, it was last night, but I haven’t slept yet, so it’s all good. But, I digress. It was a good movie. The disaster effects were top-notch, and Dennis Quaid was… umm… as Quaid-ish as usual. I dunno why, but I love disaster movies, despite what they represent – the total annihilation of our species, and there being nothing we can do to stop it, so we vent that frustration into making movies where we CAN do something about it. But, in this movie, I liked how this disaster couldn’t be stopped – unlike The Core, where they’ve been studying the earth for years, knew about the problem in advance, and devised a plan to stop it. Cool, nevertheless, but not realistic.

Well, my first day back today (yesterday?) was pretty good. The transition was okay. Although… I STILL haven’t heard anything from Nex Innovations!!! >_< Patrick came to the store to check if I got the call yet, but no. At least the Thompson end is trying their best to get me on the team. However, I’ve been thinking about going for a NAV Canada Flight exam so I can apply for Flight Dispatcher at Calm Air or some airline like that. It would definitely be a good job – no customers, just a desk job. I’d also get to fly anywhere I wanted within 6 months of working for 90% off or something like that. Yeah… a “four days on, four days off” schedule, and flying to Winnipeg for $40 on my days off – Ian would be SICK of me by then. Hehehe.

That StarCraft WAD is coming along nicely… the only dumb thing so far is the fact that there is no direct EXE crack for version 1.11, so anyone who uses the WAD has to use the original game CD if they patched up to 1.11. I HATE using CDs for games. It’s the dumbest copy-protection system I’ve ever seen. Gaming companies should just abolish the whole copy protection scheme and distribute their games for free on their websites, or on disc in stores for $10, and then charge people $30 to activate the game online, which will allow them to install the game on a unique system a certain number of times within a month, or something like that. This way, it’s cheaper to distribute, and people won’t have to use the original CD to play the game once it’s installed. You know how annoying it is to install a “Play” disc or “Disc 1” just to LOAD a game? Useless! And older CD-ROM drives hate copy-protected games, which forces people who have been using their drives for 5+ years to upgrade for a dumb reason! Anyway, I’m just ranting so… there are a million ideas I could come up with to circumvent pirating, but there will always be smart people out there who will find a way. There is no foolproof way to keep dishonest people from getting things for cheap or for free. Just like there is no such thing as complete security. There’s always a hole somewhere…

Time to sleep. I wanna get up early enough to play The Longest Journey. I got back into that game and played it from scratch instead of copying over my old saved games, and I’m glad. I can refresh my memory on the storyline again.

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